Valley of the Beautiful Woman

Valley of the Beautiful WomanThe Valley of the Beautiful Woman, where there are almost two hundred cellars, has been closely related to the reputation of the famous wines of Eger. There are many legends connected to the valley. According to Ferenc Bakó, who is an ethnographer, the "beautiful woman" was the goddess of an ancient religion, the goddess of love similar to Venus. People showed her sacrifice in this place. Farmers talk about a very beautiful woman, who sold wine in one of the cellars. Others say that the valley was named after a lady of a noble house. According to records of the Archive it is not possible to determine the origin of the name, nor the time when the first cellars were built. The cellars were hollowed into liparite that can be found everywhere around the town. This material is easy to shape and its other advantage is that you can keep the wine on 10 - 15 degrees all over the year. Apart from that the moss and the noble blight that lives in the cellars give it a special atmosphere. Their comfortable aroma help the wine develop a great aroma and also help its aging.