Dobó Square

Dobó SquareDobó square is the most unified and closed square of the town. The statues of Zsigmod Kisfaludi Stóbl and Lajos Strobl commemorate the heroic victory over the siege of 1552 against the superior Turkish army. The Turkish army counted some 40-50 thousand people while there were only 2000 defenders in the castle. Captain István Doó and his fistful of people swore to protect and not to hand over the castle. After the 40-day siege the Turkish army gave up and left the area. It was the time when the defenders of Eger, the castle that was t he guard of the northern areas, managed to stop the Turkish advancement. In 1596, when it was defended by mercenaries, the Turkish army managed to capture the castle. The Eger creek used to be the boundary between Heves and Borsod counties. It flooded the town many times before it was embanked. According to records it got its name after the alder trees that can still be found around the town.